David Kahn

Over the years, there have been many of us involved with trying to understand why we have mandatory membership HOAs, whether or not they serve a purpose.  And we have spent many hours discussing where they serve a purpose.  Here is what we discovered: the sole purpose is for the municipal government to collect free tax dollars.  Check it out for yourself; You have an HOA that provides you with trash removal. Snow removal, if needed, street lighting, street repairs, and other minor tweaks as necessary.  So we all paid our assessments to the HOA, trash and snow have been removed, and street lighting has been provided. All of this was done by the HOA.  And then we got our bills for property taxes.  

Property taxes?  What on earth for?  In Virginia, those of us in Fairfax County got even more outrageous news. The county government discovered they had a huge surplus of funds. After giving it very serious consideration, the board decided they worked really hard and deserved a huge raise.  I cannot believe that abuse.  “They worked really hard!” What about all the mothers who worked full-time and part-time jobs to make enough money to feed their children? I would have greatly respected them had they decided not to tax their constituents, as they did not need additional funds.  Their avarice and greed have to stop.

I look forward to having David Kahn join us again to look at the many other ways we can trim the costs associated with HOAs and bring the insanity associated with the HOAs down to a minimum.  We do not deserve to be gouged needlessly.  Stay tuned, I look forward to these discussions.  I would love to hear from all of you; you can email me at Shu1@Cox.net. I’ll share them with David and all of you on this website,