Jan Bergemann

Consumers don’t take a course in auto mechanics when they buy a car, nor do need to know how the household appliances work just to own and operate them so why would housing consumers and homeowners be experts in HOA law?  After all, they are buying what once was a called “a home”, not getting a law degree.  But unlike a car or a houseful of appliances, it is the very lack of knowledge and understanding of modern day kommunities that puts them at risk of losing everything they own.  
Joining us On The Commons this week we have  Jan Bergemann.  Jan is the founder and president of the Florida based Cyber Citizens for Justice.  He is also one of the few homeowners who has taken the time to really learn and understand the mechanics of this newfangled concept of commingled housing.  He maintains a web site at www.ccfj.net where he has a whole host of articles and other good information.  We’ll find out what is going on in Florida and talk a little about whether or not this form of controlled living is a viable form of housing.