Frank Short

Whenever there is a problem with an out of control board, or another horror story hits the front page of the papers, proponents of involuntary membership associations remind us quite arrogantly that we “agreed” to the covenants, conditions and restrictions of the association.  Again, this is simply another way of blaming  the “victim”.  It has to be the homeowner who is reneging on his or her promise, his or her contractual obligation.  “If they didn’t like the ‘rules’, they shouldn’t have bought into the association” they say and add  “they can move.”  
Joining us On The Commons this week is Frank Short.  Frank, an attorney and a long time advocate for individual homeowner rights has been following the HOA bills winding their way through the Virginia Legislature. What he found is quite shocking and disturbing.  Several bills allow boards or the courts to amend declarations even when the homeowners have said, NO.  The latest lament from those who feed at the HOA trough is that the homeowners really don’t know what is good for them and besides, they are so apathetic, they won’t approve a measure giving the board more intrusive and abusive powers.  What the bills would do, if signed into law, would horrify you.  Listen to Frank explain the bills and what they mean.
Three of the absolute worse bills are HB530, HB791 and HB690.  FInd out who your Senator is and ask them to kill these three bills.