Sandy Schenkat & Rina Messler

There is a reason I start every show with, “You are now leaving the American Zone” and if you are wondering what I mean or why I say it you need go no further than this show to understand why.  
In recent shows I have been highlighting the “blame the victim” method of dealing with the horror stories that grab the headlines.  It is, of course, the homeowners’ fault that the “professionals” managers have absconded with the association funds.  “They should have been looking over their shoulders, they should have asked questions” the HOA industry of professionals  whine.  And what happens when the homeowners do ask, “May I see the books and records”?  
Joining us On The Commons this week are Sandy Schenkat and Rina Messler.  Sandy lives in Arizona where she was arrested by the local police for swimming in the  association pool that she paid for.  Rina lives in North Carolina, also in an association, and she too wanted to know where her money was going.  On the other side of the country was another police officer who was willing to take the word of a board member and arrest Rina.  Tune in to hear their stories and find out what happened to these two ladies.  And if you are curious as to what would happen if YOU, the homeowner wanted the police to investigate some funny business in YOUR association, call your local police department and ask them how they will help you, the tax payer, protect your property from embezzlement.