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Have you ever wondered just where you fit into the grand scheme of our modern world?  Who makes all the decisions that affect you and your family?  How many strings are being pulled to determine the course of your life and the choices you think you are making? Think of all the layers of government authorized (or not) to adopt laws controlling almost every aspect of your life, where and how you live, what you eat, what you say and how you behave.  To help put it into perspective, imagine peeling back the layers of an onion and when you do, just like an onion, it will make you cry.

But then you console yourself with the thought that all those layers and layers are protecting you.  Are they?

Jan Bergemann joins us On The Commons.  Jan is the founder and president of the Florida based Cyber Citizens for Justice, CCFJ. Over the years Jan has worked with legislators, attorneys and homeowners trying to improve the status quo of owners in Florida’s approximately 4 million association controlled dwelling units.  It should have been simple if all those layers of governments were in fact working to protect you, wouldn’t it?  We’ll talk to Jan about Some of the major issues facing Floridians, we’ll touch on some of the stupidity that seems to be rampant in controlled America, we’ll find out just who (and how) those layers are really protecting and of course, it would not be a conversation with Jan without a trip back to Germany to compare issues on both sides of the Big Pond.  He might just have a few ideas worth thinking about.  


Peeling back the layers of an onion will make you cry.


One thought on “Jan Bergemann”

  1. I live in such a corrupted Condo Association which is run by a Governor owner association not even in the same state it run, we just can not win.
    I absolutely love your comments. I totally agree with everything you have said. I recognized this 15 years ago and no believed me. I am so glad for you keep up the great work. By the way I do not like Florida to many sink holes along with assholes.
    So perhaps we should all sell are properties and buy RV’s and travel the country is that freedom or are the secret RV’s places also organized?
    I can only communicate by e-mail as I do not have any bells and whistle. No cable, No internet, I trust nothing that is the way are society is going sadly. LOVE YOU GUYS I now know that I am not the only one. I need your news paper refuse to go on social media web sites. Please where is your radio station you are the best. One question are you guys living in Condo’s or a private house because my friends live in high income homes in Arizona and have a association it criminal. Get a TV station we all need to educate ourselves but so many are in denial those are the positive thinkers sadly will not agree with this.

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