Bill Davis

Regular listeners to On The Commons know that I find the practice of fining a neighbor appalling. However, proponents of this practice will argue that it is the only way to control people’s behavior. I still haven’t figured out why John has the right, authority, or duty to ensure complete and total obedience to stupid rules such as whether or not the grass is mowed correctly? Regardless of how reprehensible, I do have to admit that I find the practice of having someone wandering around with a clipboard in hand, documenting transgressions, no matter how minor, does seem to keep the grass at the approved height and the trashcans out of sight. Perhaps the actual government, state, Federal, and other small governments could adopt the HOA M.O. to prevent car thefts, break-ins, and other real crimes. Maybe if all the real criminals were fined and foreclosed on, they would not have anywhere to stash their loot.

Bill Davis joins us in a brand new show On The Commons this week. Bill takes us behind the scenes and explains how very easily and quickly homeowners find their homes being auctioned off at a foreclosure sale on the courthouse steps. Actual governments should have it so good. Please tune in and listen to Bill explain it all.

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