Nancy Kozanecki

We are still on our quest to learn what new bills they are proposing across the country. None of the ones we have come across really help homeowners. Fortunately, some homeowners read the bills closely and take the time to comment on them, and then they show up to testify either for or against them. So this week, we get to meet a new Warrior in the fight. 

Nancy Kozanecki joins us On The Commons. I heard a lot about Nancy and finally got to meet her on this edition of On The Commons. Nancy is the new director for HOA Reform Coalition of Texas and has been working with Beanie Adolph for awhile. She joins us to talk about legislation proposed by CAI in Texas. When I asked her to join us and tell us about the bills in question, she said, “Oh, they are gone.” She and David Kahn did a great job in Austin. No bad bills left loitering the halls of The Texas State Capitol. 

She was gracious enough to come on to discuss the bills. Some were quite funny – only something an industry member would come up with. However, we do need to know them so we can watch out for them next year but rest assured, while they may be history in Texas, they might pop up in your state. After all, they can’t let a bad bill go to waste, can they?

Tune in, meet Nancy, enjoy the show, and you heard her, she said she would be back so stay tuned. 

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